About the Spice Whisperer

“Some people read auras. I read spices.”

Vinita Chopra Jacinto has been involved in the food industry for over three decades. A veteran of the hospitality industry, she has extensive experience in culinary education, hotel management and nonprofit services. She has been a culinary instructor at the Le Cordon Bleu California Culinary Academy in San Francisco for several years, teaching classes that were inspired around vegan,vegetarian,gluten free,sustainable and health conscious cuisine.

Prior to working at the Academy, Vinita was the Manager and Lead Instructor of CHEFS, a program dedicated to fighting homelessness through employment in the food services industry. Vinita graduated with her degree in Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition from The Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai, India, Her areas of culinary focus include plant based cuisine, Indian cuisine with a special emphasis on spices, sustainable food and nutritional cooking. In addition to her love for all things food, Vinita is a certified Yoga instructor. Her other passions include tea, study of the vedas and incorporating old food wisdom into the new generation.


6 thoughts on “About the Spice Whisperer

  1. Dear Chef Vinita,
    I took your “Spices of Indian Cuisine” class at KoF in September, which was wonderful, and I bought the cookbook you recommended to me by Madhur Jaffrey. Since then, I have prepared four or five Indian meals that have turned out delicious.

    I have a question about mustard oil. I was going to buy a bottle of oil, but then the label on the bottle said, “For external use only.” Is this label precautionary?

    Also, if I can use mustard oil for frying, I was thinking of using some mustard oil-olive oil mix to stir-fry some sliced carrots. Is this a good idea? An Indian man once told me that carrots and mustard is a common combination.

    Thanks again for the great class. I live with five other adults who have enjoyed the Indian dishes.

    • Thanks Mark !
      Yes, the mustard oil is edible and label is precautionary ! You can blend mustard and olive oil and yes carrots and mustard are a great combination !

      Do keep in touch ! I love to hear from my students ! I just came back from an amazing culinary tour to north India. I co teamed with a friend of mine and the tour went very well ! Plan do one annually now !

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