Spice Whispering the Wedding ! 

Weddings are an embodiment of layers ! Individuals, families, cultures, communities, activities , people and so much more , all coming together !

Spice Whispereing a wedding starts with meeting up and getting to know the wedding couple. This is their story about food . They get to share their likes and dislikes about cuisines , ingredients, herbs, spices, food memories and interests.

Now the dance of the spices begins. Cumin and coriander may decide to marry with sweet Italian basil, fermented black garlic, porcini mushrooms and aged balsamic salt. Everyday herbs and spices may blend with one of a kind .Each couple is unique and so is their special blend. Elements of season and reason balance the flavor to finalize the wedding blend. Shared as wedding favors for the guests makes a wedding Spice Whispered.

One of a kind experience facilitated by The Spice Whisperer!


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