Got Chronic Health Issues? Maybe It’s Time to Go Against the Grain

I’m not ready to give up grains fully but it is an issue that all need to look into. There is only a small awareness in people about truly healthy foods , portions and the psychology of eating !


By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

I really hate food labels, food pyramids, the USDA, and the FDA.

All of the stuff that they say are good for you are bad for you. And the things they say are bad for you are actually good for you.

Here’s why: of course, it all boils down to money. As usual.

It’s all a weird shell game to get you to purchase highly subsidized Big Agri crops like corn, soy, and wheat. Big Agri is there to sell these crops to Big Food, and Big Food is there to add chemicals that make these things easy to eat, and Big Government (in the form of agencies like the USDA and the FDA) is there to tell you this stuff is good for you.

What is promoted as “good for you” is actually just good for corporate interests.

Take the “Choose My…

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