East plus West equals Dual Rooted ! 

Three decades ago today, I landed in San Francisco . Seeking the American Dream ??? No! Just dutifully following my husband to the land he had chosen to reside in. I know I had a million thoughts and feelings but what I started with was my mother’s blessing! She said, ” you don’t need to give up anything , just add the good of the new home and culture to yours! 

And so, I am totally dual rooted! And very proud of it ! It pervades into all aspects of my life. Definitely my kitchen. I seamlessly move to store my spices in my ” masala dabba” ( the Indian spice box ) and the very professional set of restaurants.

My everyday cooking reflects this dual rootedness ! 

Rosemary parathas!

Paneer korma pot pie!

Vegetarian Irish Stew with jackfruit and spices ! 

Masala Tofu Tacos ! 

The list goes on ! Promise  for recipes to follow! 

As I sit and reflect on my life , and who I am today! I am grateful for my original roots and even more of my dual ones today. Our present is rooted in our past and it is not a bad thing ! 

Hello Namaste all ! 


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