Taste the Earth! The Sun! The Moon ! The Stars ! 


There is so much about food that we discuss these days. We describe it with many words…healthy food, dietary food, fast food, slow food, nourishing food , soul food, nutritious food, real food and the list goes on. So much food and so much variety of foods available. So much to choose from leaves many of us confused , especially if we chase the food trends and the sales and marketing behind it!  Does it leave you utterly confused? Read further if your answer is Yes ! 

  • It all begins with my SELF ! 
  • What value am I adding to food in my life ?
  • What do I understand about it? 
  • What do I want from it? 
  • What am I willing to do about it?

My journey and relationship with food has been at many levels. I am filled with gratitude that my food today feeds my body, mind and spirit! 

  • As I begin to fully realize that my SELF is Universal, my view , my lens begins to change too.
  • I understand the connectedness of my food, from politics, to climate, to farmers and farms, health and wealth.
  • I want my food to nurture me, my family, my community and all the communities beyond.
  • To do this I make the effort to be conscious , mindful, intentional and recognize the spirit in foods.
  • I make a sincere effort to cook more of the meals at home and share .

The simple mantra that I shared with all my dear students was to ” taste the earth, the sun, the moon  and the stars in your food ” and see the Universe on the plate !!!!!!

So, take your viewpoint on food to another level . 

May you find the spirits of your food dance and rejoice with you! 

More food thoughts ! 


East plus West equals Dual Rooted ! 

Three decades ago today, I landed in San Francisco . Seeking the American Dream ??? No! Just dutifully following my husband to the land he had chosen to reside in. I know I had a million thoughts and feelings but what I started with was my mother’s blessing! She said, ” you don’t need to give up anything , just add the good of the new home and culture to yours! 

And so, I am totally dual rooted! And very proud of it ! It pervades into all aspects of my life. Definitely my kitchen. I seamlessly move to store my spices in my ” masala dabba” ( the Indian spice box ) and the very professional set of restaurants.

My everyday cooking reflects this dual rootedness ! 

Rosemary parathas!

Paneer korma pot pie!

Vegetarian Irish Stew with jackfruit and spices ! 

Masala Tofu Tacos ! 

The list goes on ! Promise  for recipes to follow! 

As I sit and reflect on my life , and who I am today! I am grateful for my original roots and even more of my dual ones today. Our present is rooted in our past and it is not a bad thing ! 

Hello Namaste all ! 

Falafel Patties !

These delicious patties were inspired by falafel ! 

A really simple recipe that began by soaking a pound of organic garbanzo beans. I chose Rancho Gordo Beans , a local company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

1 pound soaked garbanzo beans

1 bunch cilantro 

1 bunch curly leaf parsley

2 inches piece fresh ginger

2 inches piece fresh turmeric

1 bunch green garlic chives

1 tablespoon sumac powder

2 tablespoons fenugreek powder

2 tablespoons cumin powder

2 tablespoons coriander powder

1 tablespoon Himalayan pink salt

2/3 cup chia seeds

4-5 tablespoons raw, organic coconut oil

  1. Grind together the garbanzo beans, cilantro, garlic chives , ginger, turmeric and parsley. I used the food processor and ground till almost smooth. Remember it will not be smooth like a hummus paste as the beans are not cooked. Will be similar to cornmeal texture.( gritty). Transfer to a large bowl.
  2. Add all the powdered spices and chia seeds and salt. Mix the mixture well and let sit for about 15 – 20 minutes. 
  3. Heat a non stick  or seasoned cast iron pan. Use a 1/2 cup measuring cup for sizing the patties. Scoop. Fill the cup and pat. Add a little coconut oil in the pan. Add the patties to the hot pan. Cook on medium heat for about 6 minutes on EACH side with a lid on . The steam helps cook the mixture ! 

Serving suggestions :

  • Great as veggie burgers with lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard between buns .
  • Gluten free Paleo style with a favorite green salad…
  • As falafels in pita bread
  • I love mine with tamarind chutney, yogurt mint chutney Indian Chaat style 

Serves 16-18 

Would like to add that there is so much more that the recipe does not cover. The intentions and the mindfullness from the sourcing of the ingredients to the process of cooking , serving and eating .