Practice these simple 5 steps and go from STRESSED to BLESSED!

EXHALE even more DEEPLY.
Repeat THREE to FIVE times.

2.In the MOMENT find one THANKFUL  THOUGHT …..Thankful for your family, to be alive, to be healthy, friends,…

3.THINK OF SOMETHING THAT WOULD TRULY BE DEVASTATING  !  And then feel thankful that it is not so.

4.Take a moment to look at NATURE. The blue sky out of the window, a sunset, a plant , a flower, a bowl of food !

5. HUG someone . If no one is around then give a hug to yourself pouring a whole lot of love!

Nothing trendy about this. It is just following the intrinsic wisdom and human values that we already have. 

From Stressed to Blessed can be incorporated into every aspect of our lives…, personal, daily, weekly and everything that we do!  No game, no challenge .This is just about BEing! 

Start your journey NOW!


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